We are a committed, honourable group of concerned citizens based in Canada. We are everyday people leading ordinary lives who will not be mesmerized by political charade. We are alarmed by the current state of affairs within Child Protective Services. Our group is bound by our strength to guarantee that we will never stop advocating until our vulnerable children, disabled and seniors become top priority within the political platform. We will not stand silent while watching ruthlessly our family and country being destroyed. We are the voice for those who have none and, for those whose who speak to us from beyond the grave.

Linda's HeadshotAlfredine (Linda) Plourde (Ontario)
Email: protectingcanadianchildren@hotmail.com

I am the Founder and Author of Protecting Canadian Children as well as organizer for The Children’s Army. I feel very proud to be surrounded by and getting to know additional caring, sincere, citizens who give from the heart without expectation of anything in return, but positive change. Love of humanity and striving for justice shines though the level of commitment demonstrated. These representatives are the reason why Protecting Canadian Children and The Children’s Army flourish with hope.

Velvet's HeadshotVelvet Martin (St-Albert, Alberta)
Email: velvetprotectingcanadianchildren@hotmail.com
Family-Centred Care Practice:

Velvet is spokesperson for Protecting Canadian Children, and the army. She is dedicated to battling injustice of any form against children, youth, persons with disability and the elderly. Family-Centred Care Practice is Velvet’s primary goal; which is the most ethically viable and cost-effective approach of service delivery.

Jamie's HeadshotJamie Sullivan (Alberta)
Email: jamie-thechildrensarmy@hotmail.com
or facebook ~ Friends of Delonna

When this young mother (Jamie) discovered through her own loss, that a large scale of children are dying in foster care, this mother was not going to be silenced in spite of threat and intimidation by Child & Youth Services. Delonna was a daughter, well-loved, and did not deserve to die. No child deserves such a fate; particularly not in the name of profit and greed. From her daughter’s death, change will come through her mother’s voice. Jamie is now the “voice” for all those children who speak to us from beyond the grave in the “Children’s Army.” Jamie will not be in the shadows, disappearing from public view. She strongly encourages other parents who have lost a child to come forward as well.

Marilyn's HeadshotMarilyn Koren (Warburg, Alberta)
Email: tmgonefishn@msn.com
780-996-7102 or 780-848-1050

Grandmother of Baby Delonna Sullivan who died 6 days following apprehension from a loving mother. Marilyn has a lot of spirit within to tackle the tragic, brutal blow. Loss has transformed Marilyn into a “firecracker” advocate who will never stop until all politicians truly embrace accountability from those who are bound by duty to protect children!

Randal's HeadshotRandal Greene (Bolton, Ontario)
Email: thechildrensarmy@renovation-man.com
647-215-5272 or 905-951-7194

Randal speaks of justice, and it speaks particularly to leaders, whether political, religious, social or moral. He recognizes that great leaders take care of their nation first, take care of their most vulnerable. He is a powerful advocate for children, and he will hold to account those who harm children. To make certain that all levels of government, our justice system and all Canadians hear this message, he joined us on this crucial journey.

My name is Randal Greene. I am here to stand up for our society’s most vulnerable: children, people with disabilities and the elderly. My experience and focus is on children and child protection issues. Children are being victimized, abused and killed while escaping media coverage. Publication bans and gag orders imposed by the courts only serve to protect the guilty. Transparency and accountability will give vulnerable children a voice. We must stand up for our children.

Sue's HeadshotSue Gilbert (Ontario)
Email: Sue.Gilbert@wpss.ca

Sue moved to the Hamilton area in 1985 after marrying her husband.

In 1988, she opened a secretarial business which she is still operating on a part-time basis. In 1998, she met Linda Plourde as a client and they soon became friends. When Linda founded Protecting Canadian Children and later, The Children’s Army, Sue immediately join joined the team.

Margaret's HeadshotMargaret Steiss (Burlington, Ontario)
I am involved with Protecting Canadian Children because I believe that our children are at risk by out of control private corporations who care more about profit than those they were hired to protect. They must be made accountable for their actions.

My role in the group is that of photographer, sometimes writer and I try to lend my support any way I can.

Barabara's HeadshotBarbara Lafleshe (Hamilton, Ontario)
Email: blafleshe@live.com

Barbara works tirelessly for the welfare of all Canadian Children including her granddaughter through the group R.O.C.K., Raising our Children’s Kids. Barbara represents a role model of volunteerism in our community.

In 2004 we met through the group R.O.C.K. Barbara keeps me informed on all community actitivities, and has become a member of Protecting Canadian Children, and the Children’s Army.

Sylva's HeadshotSylva McLaughlin (Moncton, N.B)
Email: sylva.monctonnb@hotmail.com

My name is Sylva McLaughlin. I was born in St-Catherines Ontario, but grew up in Saint-Sauveur, New Brunswick. Just like Alfrédine, I’m a proud Acadian and Canadian. I was brought up in the spirit of mutual help through my family and my community. I have been involved in many humanitarian cases. Up until August 2011, I did it as a good deed. Since then, I believe that God has chosen me to be a intellectual, clever warrior @ the service of those in need.

Français: Mon nom Sylva McLaughlin. Je suis né à Ste-Catherine’s en Ontario et ai grandi à Saint-Sauveur, Nouveau-Brunswick. Comme Alfrédine, je suis fier d’être Acadien et Canadien. J’ai grandi dans l’esprit de l’entre-aide au sein de ma famille et de ma communauté. J’ai été impliqué dans plusieurs causes humanitaires. Jusqu’en août 2011, je le faisais en bonne action. Depuis, je crois que Dieu m’a choisi pour lui servir en tant que guerrier intellectuel malin.

Lori's HeadshotLori Pynn (St-John Newfoundland)

My three children ages 4-11 are forced to be kept apart from my youngest babies – their brother and sister – by a brutal, barbaric decision from the N.L family courts and the local child welfare system in June 2010. My children were legally kidnapped by means of fraud. How can this system justify, “forcing the adoption” of two of my little treasures and send my other three home? They can’t! There is no justification for such heinous crimes, except for one…money. My family and I miss our babies very much and are fighting to bring them home where they belong. My heart hurts everyday for my children. I don’t know where they are or of their well-being. Like so many other families across the country, we endure this painful separation of sacred bonds…needlessly.

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